A family property

The history of the Château les Vieux Moulins is above all a family’s history. We have been cultivating the vines within the appellation Blaye côtes de Bordeaux for four generations.


In 1997, my father’s vines around the town of REIGNAC (around ten kilometers east of BLAYE), and my mother’s vines around the towns of ANGLADE and St ANDRONY (close to the Gironde estuary) were united to form the current property.

Les Vieux Moulins

It is this palette of terroirs (soils) that gives the estate its richness and allows us to produce wines with different characteristics.

The most historical sections of the vineyards are found around REIGNAC. At the highest point, known as ” la butte de Fraineau “, three windmills which date back to the eighteenth century give their name to the Château les Vieux Moulins (Literally: The Château of the Old Windmills).

The winemaker and his estate

Having spent all my childhood in the vines, I have always loved direct contact with nature. That said, the real turning point came much later. After several significant experiences within the world of wine and some life-changing tastings, the revelation of wine had me.

Wine as a way to express oneself, the search for excellence, the daily deliberation, knowing how to remain humble in relation to nature, these are the values that drive me !

Birth of a passion

I was educated at the Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology, then I had the opportunity to participate in the vinification process with several of the great French winemakers, (notably O. LEFLAVE in Bourgogne and on the estate of Georges VERNAY in the Rhône Valley) to learn the rigourousness of the work when it is done well. My passion was born !!!

World of wine

Wanting to have as large a view as possible of the world of wine, I decided to go and work in the New World. Over several years I worked in turn, on vinification in Spain, South Africa, the United States, Australia and then in New Zealand.


After my return in 2010 I was able to realise how lucky I was to have two beautiful terroirs to respect and enhance. For me, organic agriculture became self-evident, a philosophy…